Photos Make the Best Gifts

Memories make the best presents. The most well received gifts I ever given have always been reminiscent of some memory I share with the gift opener. Now that I have a family, no one is ever mad to get a photograph of us or just my kid. I give one to my best friend every year and vice versa and we’re always stoked. Christmas themed photos can be sort of hit or miss because it’s a little odd to have a red and green and Christmas-y photo out all year, but these are some of my favorite products to give for Christmas that are appropriate to be displayed all year round!

Great Things in Small Packages

Mini accordion albums are the perfect gift for grandparents and aunts and uncles. They fold up into little 3×3 inch squares and can be displayed unfolded or stored in your purse so you can share with strangers whenever you corner one. These mini albums feature up to nine images on a folding album with magnetic cover closures. They come in a variety of cover materials and colors to match either your session, style, or occasion. The best part is they come in sets of 3, so even if you want one just for yourself, there are two more to gift! Grandparents go crazy for these albums, my mom calls hers her “brag book” and she shows anyone who stands still for longer than a minute.

Christmas Ornaments

The most obvious choice for photo themed Christmas gifts—ornaments. Every year I help my son make some kind of ornament for all his aunts and uncles and cousins and when we get too busy or I’m feeling too lazy to make cinnamon dough my go-to is these wood ornaments. They’re classic, beautiful, and rustic. Perfect for decorating your family Christmas tree. And if you have family members that don’t celebrate Christmas, they’re not so overly Christmas-y that they can’t be passed off as just a small hanging wood circle print. They also come with engraving on the back so no one forgets how old your kiddo was in that image.

Wood Block

I love these little wood blocks because they’re natural but still timeless and gorgeous. They fit seamlessly into anyone’s décor, since they’re so simple and chic. They stand on their own and don’t need any additional hanging hardware, so they can be displayed immediately. We keep ours on a wall ledge year round, but always add it to our winter display. They’re sanded to a perfectly smooth finish without compromising the image at all. No one doesn’t love these simple standout prints.

Acrylic Blocks

You just can’t go wrong with acrylic blocks. They’re gorgeous, modern, and easy to display. Just plop one of your mantle or desktop and you’re away laughing. If you’re wondering, yes I did get at least one of each of these products for my own family for Christmas, but I got no less than 4 acrylic blocks. They bring out the most beautiful tones, especially in holiday images. What you might think is a boring outdoor white and brown image comes to life behind acrylic!

If you’re still unsure about printing your digital images, check out my friend Olivia’s blog about why you should definitely be printing allll your images!