So every once in a while I, like many maternity photographers, go on a spending spree and purchase weird things. This session was about using my weird things. Here’s what happened: I was at Joann Fabrics, as one is from time to time, and was thinking about making a faux flower covered set for maternity sessions after seeing a fellow tog make one look luxurious af with one her client brought to the session. As soon as I saw it I was like, yup, I need one. So I went to Joann to buy some pink-y faux blossoms to glue all over a bra. As I was strolling the aisles, that Katy Perry song about her daughter Daisy Bloom (the cutest name every, no arguments) came on and I was humming along when I walked by a bunch of daisies. I think I stopped for a second, backed up slowly to take another look, and then picked up all the daisies they had surreptitiously, because I like a little drama in my day to day life. Don’t worry, I also bought the pink flowers, I just had “cover me in daisies, daisies, daisies, DAISIES” stuck in my head, so that one got made first. I was skeptical at first but I ended up totally in love with how this session turned out. Plus, my 4 year old son was obsessed with it and since I made it out of a sticky bra, he could wear it pretty easily and that was adorable.

We started out fairly normal, with my favorite sheer red tulle robe. It complimented this mama’s coloring so perfectly, it was absolutely made for her!

studio maternity session with sheer robe in minneapolis mn

DRAMA, amirite? I love it. She had perfect hair for this. We then moved on to a ruffle bodysuit I got on Amazon that had a big monstera print, and as I am a sucker for all things monstera lately, I obviously ordered it. Along with a more normal dark red one, but we’re the fun in that, I ask you. Where?!

monstera bodysuit maternity studio session in minneapolis mn

Still love it. I love this evergreen background and even though I bought it to do a Christmas session with my son and nephew, I try to use it as much as I can because the color gets me right in my jewel toned heart. And then, I pulled out this daisy bikini. Mama was a little apprehensive, but agreed because I was so excited and I think you can understand why. 

daisy maternity bikini studio session in minneapolis mn

STUNNING. I can’t even. I have no words. I’m obsessed. It’s getting printed for my studio. If I could only shoot flower bikinis on bright colors for the rest of my career, I definitely would. Now I just have to make the pink one and find another adventurous mom…