A Laugh a Day

My mom always says she likes to watch movies with me because the humor pathway in my brain lights up more than hers, so sometimes she doesn’t get that something is funny until I start laughing. Like her brain needs to catch up with mine. Comedians thank my uncle for coming to their comedy shows because his laugh is so raucous and joyous that it makes everyone else laugh harder. I never really thought much about how important humor is in my life until I met my sister-in-law. She told me once that she “didn’t have a sense of humor,” and I immediately thought Oh my god, what a terrible way to live. I laugh at least 10 times a day. Sometimes it’s a belly laugh, sometimes is just a quick snoof of air through my nose, but at least 10 times every day, something makes my humor pathway light up.  Since my son surprised us with his first giggle at exactly three months and 2 days old, my only goal for him has been that he laughs at least once a day. He has a great laugh. It’s like a deep-throated chuckle that he gets stuck in and can’t stop and it’s so infectious. When we’re having one of those bad days that we’re both just sick of each other and everyone we do annoys the other, if I can make him laugh, everything is fine. We remember we can make it through the day and try again tomorrow.

Joy is Contagious

My aunt always says that joy in contagious. And, obviously, she’s right. Even if you try you resist someone else’s good mood, you can’t help but give in eventually. If for no other reason than it’s just easier than being a grump. So I’m gonna crack jokes every step of our time together. I literally can’t help it. It’s not only a defense mechanism, but it’s also just how I connect with people. My friends are wildly diverse because the only thing a lot of us have in common is our sense of humor. We spend our time together laughing and joking, and 15 years later I’m still close friends with the guy in my dorm who played World of Warcraft 6 hours a day and programs computers now. Laughing is the best way to go through life, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.

Your Session Should Be Fun

Right?! I always say it. If we’re not having fun to your session, I’m not doing my job. First of all, I’m in this industry because it’s what I love to do. I’ve tried other things; retail, social work, jewelry design, but this is what makes me happy. And rest assured, I’m funny. It’s gonna be fun. We’re gonna have fun together. That’s the point. Why would I do anything but try to make sure you have good memories of the images I’m taking? If your session is stressful, you’re not going to want any of them and we both lose. We’ve both invested a lot of time and money into this hour we have together, so let’s make it a good one and make some damn magic together!