With COVID vaccines rolling out and becoming more accessible (thanks Science!) I’ve been getting a bit clucky. Like being a newborn photographer doesn’t give me baby fever all the time anyway, right? Right. I’ve been think a lot about what a great big brother my Charlie would be and how good it would be for him to have a sibling to look after. Well, now that we’re thinking about adding another to the roost, I’ve been looking at baby names. To be fair, it’s always been one of my favorite things to do. Let’s take a look at some cute baby names attached to random photos of babies. Yay!

First up, the girls!

KIRBY. So cute right? This little girl’s name actually is Kirby and I think it’s adorable. Good for girls, good for boys. Of German origin meaning settlement by a church (?). Weird, but ok. It’s gone down steadily in popularity since the 1950’s, which I think makes it a perfect baby name. When I moved to New Zealand there were a ton of other people named Tasha or Tash, which was real weird for me having grown up in the US, and I can’t say I was a fan of sharing my name with a bunch of other people.

KAIA. My husband is from New Zealand so I always have a peak at the Maori names because despite what he claims, there’s not way there isn’t Maori blood in him and our son. Kaia is one of my favorite girls names, meaning The Sea. I’m always on the look out for ocean themed names without actually having to name some poor child Saltwater.

GENEVIEVE. I’ve been in love with this name since I was a little girl, largely because of a woman my mom worked with who I thought was SO COOL. When I met my husband, he also had a friend named Genevieve and I’m not at all mad to name a little girl after her, she’s the best. It means ‘family’ in Old Germanic, apparently, and I love it.

And now, the boys!

KOA. I love this name. Short, easy to spell, but still two syllables. There’s someone about a one syllable name I don’t love. It means warrior is both Te Reo Maori and Hawaiian. Also very vaguely ocean themed, just because it’s from island nations. So cute.

KAVIKA. Basically Polynesian David, another name I love, but doesn’t have the best family connection for me. I heard this name on our honeymoon in Kona, he was our dive boat captain and the sweetest of souls. That also gives it a vague ocean association for me.

PATRICK. Family name (my uncle’s middle name, his first is Charlie’s middle namesake), means Nobleman. I don’t care as much about that as I care about the nicknames. I always think about what we’d call a kid as a nickname and make sure there’s a variety. Also none that I hate because my uncle is notorious for nicknaming. Patch. Trick. I’m into it. I’m not wild about Pat, but I think it could be worked around. Charlie and Patch? Adorable.