Creative Newborn Photography

The best thing about newborn photography–besides baby cuddles, obviously–is getting to be creative. I get to take inspiration and make it come to life. Halloween is my favorite time of year. Probably because it involves crafting that I get to wear out in public. I have an endless supply of homemade Halloween costumes from college, because I never throw Halloween things out.

Since I make a lot of my own props and accessories (partly to save money, and partly because it’s fun), I started thinking about what would be fun for a Halloween theme, cause sometimes you have to do things for yourself. Does everyone want their baby dressed up like a bat? No. Do I? Yes.

Getting Creative

So I have an idea in my head. I’ve always wanted to do a Halloween themed newborn session, but the timing has never worked out. On a whim I made this little witch hat and I have a tiny broom so that’s a no brainer, right? Tiny witch set. Adorable. I have a jack-o-lantern bucket. Perfect. But I want something else that’s maybe a little more niche… Hocus Pocus. Objectively, the greatest Halloween movie ever made. Bette Midler is a national treasure. 

I began gathering ideas. I needed, at minimum, a black flame candle, a cauldron, a Binx, a tiny book, and a Winifred Sanders costume for newborns. Okay, admittedly the last one might be hard but I can craft anything so here we go. I had a lot already, because I love Halloween, but I needed to craft the rest. To Joann!

Crafty Crafty Crafty

I started with the costume, because I thought that would be most time consuming and I only have a month tops. I decided on a purple wrap with a green overcoat-type thing with gold laces. Then I got started felting a little wig. It’s so cute I can’t stand it, ya’ll. I ended up using some curly yarn in an orangey-red color and it was perfect. A little felted Binx was next and then I moved on to the book… the book was hard. I’m very proud of the book. I made a tiny box and paper maché’d the cover to be lumpy and painted it to look like skin. Creepy.


hocus pocus book of spells newborn prop progression for halloween newborn photography session in minneapolis minnesota

Next up was the black flame candle–easy as, I just needed a candle. Since I wasn’t about to light a flame next to a newborn, I just photoshopped a black flame onto the wick. Easy peasy. And now… the final result.

hocus pocus themed newborn session winifred sandford newborn photographer minneapolis

I’m obsessed. I also used all the other props and costumes, because there’s never too much Halloween, but tiny Winifred is by far my favorite. Sometimes you gotta get a little camp. It’s fun and it makes my soul smile.

If your kids are a little too old to dress up the way you want during Halloween, check out my friend Alicia’s blog about how to take great pictures of your own kids while in costume! Happy Halloween!