Lillian was an absolute joy to photograph! So much personality in such a tiny body. She’s the fourth in her family, so she’s pretty easy going anyway but she was happy as a little clam to play with whatever I gave her and smile while she did it. I can’t wait for her parents to see these sweet images!

I’m loving the simplicity of her in a tutu and pearls. I love green with little girls and she just popped on this evergreen. I guess now I need to expand my collection of tiny tutus! These kinds of images turn out to be so timeless. Can you think of anything sweeter than a little girl playing with pearls? I’d love to have an image of my grandmother like this; just her, being a little girl, beautifully captured. I’d frame that thing in a heartbeat! Would it be too much to do a session like this with my grandmother now, at 88? Yeah… it probably would. Ah well. I’ll have to settle for other peoples’ little girls for now.