My husband always says “every age is the best age,” and sitter sessions always remind me how true that is. I love my three year old but there’s something about a baby who can’t quite talk but wants to tell you everything that’s so cute! Hannah here had personality to spar win her tiny body and she was so much fun to photograph. After a very short amount of time, especially for a little COVID babe, she warmed right up and started flirting with me. We quickly found that it was best to keep her occupied with props or she wanted to go exploring.

It’s always nice when I get to use new purchases (and listen, there are always new purchases) but I was particularly excited to use my new wood planks that are freshly stained and try a window light set up. I much prefer these simple set ups to more elaborate ones. I think it’s a sweeter way to capture memories of a little one’s milestones. This way, you get to focus on remembering the faces she made at this age, or how she straightened her little legs out when she screeched in delight, instead of how she interacted with the background props. I can already tell this little girl is going to be a firecracker! The best part of my job is meeting all these tiny humans and the worst is when I never get to see how they grow up. Another reason I prefer my Grow With Me package… it’s just as fun for me to watch them grow!

Just look at that squishy little knee! I swear if I didn’t do this job, I’d have a dozen kids. I love all their little weirdnesses and squishy bits.