Newborn Session Prep

Preparing for you newborn session is one of the most important steps in your photography experience. Adequatly prepping baby makes sure everyone is happy and ready to have a great session! 

Start the Day Quietly

Your session prep will start as soon as you wake up. We want baby to be good and sleepy for their session so I recommend taking either a full water bath or just a wet cloth bird bath for some awake time. This ensures that baby is ready for a good, long nap just as your session is beginning. Most babies fall asleep the second the car pulls out of the driveway, and that’s fine! What we’re trying to avoid is a two hour morning nap before you even get to the car. Session time is not party time!

Feeding Schedule

If you can, try to skip or delay a morning feed until just before you leave. If you live within 15 minutes of my studio I recommend you finish feeding baby about 20 minutes before leaving. If you’re 30 minutes away, finish feeding about 10 minutes before you leave. If you live an hour or more away, give baby a slightly smaller feed than usual just before you leave and then top them up when you arrive at the studio. This ensures baby is full and happy, but not gassy and grumpy.

Dressing Baby for Their Session

Finally, after feeding baby dress them in only a diaper, or if it’s exceedingly cold outside—I’m talking below freezing—dress them in a zipper onesie that unzips from neck to toe. Avoid anything that has to be pulled over the head and any socks or mittens. If you feel like baby might get cold between buildings/cars, layer several blankets on top of them after they’re in their carseat. This ensures baby is not too disturbed upon arrival, so they stay nice and sleepy during the transition from carseat to their first set up.

Family Photos

If you are planning on family photographs in during your newborn session, please dress in solid neutrals that are comfortable. Family images will be taken at the end of the session so you’ll have approximately 2 hours for any makeup or hair fixes. I know how hard it can be to get yourself camera ready with a brand new baby at home, so I have a dressing room available for any last minute touch ups.

The closer you follow the prep guide, the smoother your newborn photography session will go!

newborn girl in driftwood bowl with magnolias and tassels in minneapolis newborn session