When my son was born my mom kept saying “Babies don’t need a lot of stuff. They just want to eat and be held.” LIES. Babies need so many things. I didn’t put my son down during the day for the first 5 weeks of his little life and when he started getting fussy (an unusual event for my happy boy), we eventually figured out he just wanted to wiggle. After we figured out he didn’t need to be held every second of every day, I got back to being myself… which mostly meant baking. So here are my favorite baby products, some I learned about working at a baby store in New Zealand, some I found on my own after my son was born 🙂

Koala Swing—I used to put this on our kitchen island and let Charlie watch me bake until he fell asleep. It’s powered, but not noisy and easy to move! Also, it folds so it doesn’t take up heaps of space.

Cloud Island Muslins—I literally took these everywhere and used them for everything. One time, I used one as a diaper in a pinch. True story. They’re not super stretchy so they’re perfect for swaddling, plus they kind of stick to themselves because of the texture, and are absorbent enough for burp clothes.

Diaper Clutch—I had this exact one from JJ Cole and at one point lost it in IKEA and spent a lot of time trying to find another one because they’d been discontinued. No regrets. It folds out into a changing pad, hold diapers and wipes, and fit in my purse after I stopped carrying a diaper bag.

Nose Freida—babies hate it, but it’s so helpful. My son had 5 ear infections in a row just after his first birthday and he was constantly stuffed up. He cried while we sucked his boogers out but then he stopped when he figured out he could breath again. Don’t worry, there’s a filter so none get in your mouth. Blech.

Motherhood is hard enough, don’t deprive yourself of anything that will make it easier!