Yay! You booked your newborn session and I just threw a whole bunch of information at you! It’s a lot, I know, but we’ll get through it together. Here’s a snippet of what my standard newborn workflow is like and what you can expect on the day of your session.

First thing’s first, make yourselves comfortable! We’re going to be here for a while, so settle in. I’ve got coffee, a comfy couch, cozy blankets, and Wifi. I even have toys for older siblings to play with and a TV and snacks for emergencies! For the majority of your session you’ll be able to relax and take a break for a couple hours, I’ll only bug you if bubs needs to be nursed (I’ll handle bottle feedings!) or changed.

Then it’s my turn to get to take over. I’ll take bubs out of his their car seat and start getting them ready for their first set. I usually start with wrapped sets just to make sure they’re good and sleepy, because who doesn’t love being warm and snug?

I’ll move on to another set up in a prop, either wrapped or partially unwrapped, depending on how they’re feeling about the whole situation.

Sometimes we’ll break for a feed here and maybe do another wrapped pose on a drop to make sure we’ve got all the poops out of their system.

And finally we’ll move on to table posing, mostly naked. This workflow is, of course, customizable to your desire for certain poses and may require your assistance or your hands to make a sweet image.

After all that, I’ll redress bubs in whatever you’d like and you’re out the door. You’ll return within two weeks to see the final gallery and choose your products and digitals and that’s it! Easy peasy, right?