I’m so beyond excited to finally share this session! This little boy has been a dream and a hope for as long as I have known his mama and I couldn’t be happier for them to be able to snuggle him at last. His entire session was a breeze, it’s almost like he knew how much these photos mean to his parents.

As soon as his mama found out her due date was in December, she said she wanted A Christmas Story themed set up. Luckily for her, I have been gifting my uncle leg lamps of various sizes for the last decade, so I have some to spare and an old coworker of ours hand knitted the bunny suit.

I usually dread the family posing portion, especially with siblings, but Tobias’ older brother Jay was so excited to get to hold him as much as he could that it was actually fun! I just love that I managed to get both of them smiling and a glimpse of Tobias’ teeny tiny dimple.

There’s certainly no shortage of love in this little one’s life!