COVID is Scary

I’m not gonna lie guys, I’m starting to get the COVID fatigue. I’m tired of being scared and I’m tired of feeling like life is never going to go back to normal. I am not a fan of the rising pediatric hospitalizations being seen with this new Omicron variant and I’m done being accommodating. My family and I went to Cozumel last month and when I tell you they are taking COVID so much more seriously than we are, I’m not exaggerating. With that in mind, I have implemented some new protocols to insure everyone’s safety, especially your little one.

COVID Protocols

My whole family and I are fully vaccinated and boosted. The only exception being my son who is not yet old enough to get the Pfizer vaccine, but trust me that as soon as he is, we’ll be scheduled for one. My previous life before newborn photography was spent studying epidemiology and public health and the major take away from both of those is that prevention is the number one way we can keep ourselves and everyone else safe. That means vaccinating. I don’t want this to turn into any kind of argument, because science is not up for discussion. I’m not doing my own research, because I’m not qualified to. I don’t care that the vaccine was developed faster than any vaccine in history. I’m forever grateful to the women and men who worked tirelessly to bring us this scientific breakthrough so that we could keep ourselves and our families safe during a global pandemic. So when I say no one is allowed in my studio without verifiable vaccination, I’m not fucking around. If you take your baby’s safety seriously, you should have a photographer that does as well and right now that means being educated in newborn handling safety and being vaccinated. Following are my non-negotiable COVID protocols for my studio:

• Masks are worn in my studio regardless of vaccination status unless your picture is actively being taken.

• Hand sanitizer is available at every turn, and I will sanitize before touching your little one and frequently throughout your session.

• Temperatures are taken when you enter, and mine is taken in front of you as well.

• I do a max of two studio sessions per week, no less than 48 hours apart.

• All reveals are done via Zoom one week after your session.

• I will take a rapid test before your session, upon your request (pending availability of tests.)

• No, there are no exceptions.

You Should Feel Safe

Nothing is more important to me right now than keeping everyone safe. That means your family and my family. You should be 100% confident when you’re in my studio that you are not at risk. If you have any additional requests, I will do my very best to comply with them. We’re all in this together, so let’s take care of each other.