Toasty and Cozy

The easiest way to get your newborn baby to sleep through their photography session is to wrap them up as tight as possible so they’re nice and comfy… and then taking their picture while they’re wrapped up because it’s adorable. Swaddled shots are always some of my favorites because that’s why you get the sweetest like snuggly faces. I love some thigh rolls and chunky wrists but there’s something so cute about a little head popping out of a bundle of fabric.

Swaddled and Snug

Not all babies like to be swaddled, some of them like their little hands free and need to be able to stretch, but they’re definitely the exception. For one thing, it helps eliminate their Moro reflex from startling them awake. You know that feeling when you’re about to fall asleep and then all of a sudden you feel like you’re falling and your whole body jerks you awake? That’s your brain thinking you’re dying when you’re really just trying to fall asleep. Babies’ brains are still trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this new world they’ve been thrust into, so it happens a little more often than with adults. When they’re all swaddled up, they can’t jerk themselves awake, so they sleep more soundly. It’s also pretty close to how they were positioned in the womb, so it’s a comforting position for them to be in. And let’s face it, we all kind of like to be squeezed tight, it’s why hugs feel so nice!

Favorite Images

These are some of my favorite swaddled images I’ve taken over the years. Wrapped poses are where I get the most tiny smiles and coziest looking babes. That little snowman sack gets me every time. And I don’t know who decided it would be cute for babies to clutch something so close to their little cheeks but it’s damn adorable. Doesn’t matter what it is, it’s cute af.