Do family pictures, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. BUT WHAT DO I WEAR? That question is hands down the most asked when families book their session. But don’t worry, I got you. I spend hours a day dreaming about family wardrobes. For my birthday every year, I make my husband and son dress up together. I see a toddler outfit in Target and immediately see what everyone else should wear for that session. So fear not, I’m here to help.

This mom was on top of this wardrobe situation. We texted a few times, just getting the finer details down but man, I did not have to do the heavy lifting! I love how everyone is different and there are patterns mixing but everyone coordinates. It just works.

Most of the time, this lovely, and obviously simple, task usually falls to mom. Because if we left dads in charge, we’d all be wearing whatever pair of shorts was on top of the pile and whichever shirt was clean. So here’s my advice, pick an outfit you feel GREAT in. Kids are easy, they’re cute in everything. Pick something you put on and immediately think “damn, this man is lucky!” If you feel great, your energy radiates on to everyone else. From there, just put dad and boys into neutral pants and two different colored shirts that coordinate with your outfit.

For instance, your dress is black with red and white flowers: dad and son(s) in khakis and polos/button ups in gray, red, or dark green. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little with girls, go for a smaller pattern in similar but not the same colors, or have her in a solid color.

Also don’t be afraid to text me at midnight when you finally have time to pick something out, I live for this stuff. I’m here for it. I wanna see all your lewks.