Family Photography Locations

Family sessions can feel like a daunting thing to take on, especially with uncooperative children (ahem… and husbands). Deciding what to wear, where to shoot, when to shoot–there are so many things to consider. I love shooting on location in a beautiful field lined with trees at golden hour with the sun setting in the background, but there’s something extra special about hosting a family session at your own home. At the start of the pandemic Front Step portraits were all the rage, and I wish they hadn’t fallen out of style quite so quickly.

Remember the Details

One of my favorite images ever is of two brothers sitting on their front step with their arms around each other. It’s so cute! And they had a statement number plate and a colored front door so it was a whole mood. Shooting your family session at your home is also a great way to commemorate where your kids grew up. Some families stay in the same home forever, which makes it just as meaningful, and some families move multiple times, which means remembering the times you had in each house even more important. We spend a lot of time in our homes and in our yards, so it seems only natural that we would choose that as a setting to celebrate quality family time, right?

Your Vibe Curated

If you’re anything like my friend, Raine, or me you’ve spent a lot of time and effort making your home reflect your unique style. My home, for instance, is cluttered with artwork and photographs and knick knacks while Raine’s home is minimalistic and clean with largely bare walls except for her family portraits. My choice of family setting would likely not vibe with Raine’s home nor hers in mine, but if both of us could provide a backdrop we already clearly love, then half the struggle is over. The biggest difference in this example is that Raine’s home is always spotless and mine is constantly a mess—despite Raine having more children than me. Don’t judge me.

Don’t Stress

That brings me to another consideration, if it’s going to stress you out to have me come to your home, then maybe this is not the vibe for you. If you’re going to feel like you have to spend all morning cleaning up your home so a stranger can walk into it, let’s find somewhere else to go. This should be a fun and easy experience, not anything remotely distressing. BUT if you love to entertain and enjoy having someone come into your home and compliment your style, then let’s get to it! Check out some of my favorite in-home images below to start getting ideas for your own family session!