Creative Lifestyle & Family Photography

It can be difficult sometimes to find inspiration to be creative during a family photography session. It gets to feeling like there’s only so much you can do with two parents and some kids. But every so often, that inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning and suddenly I’m so excited about a session concept that I can hardly wait for the day to come.

Here’s house it started, a friend’s soon-to-be 12 year old son overheard us discussing what we might do for a theme for his little brother’s one year cake smash. A few days later I got a text saying that Jay wanted a cake smash for his birthday. Cool, fine with me, no one ever said cake smashes were for babies. What about theme? She said maybe baseball.

BOOM. Lightning.

Creative Cake Smash Inspo

My head started swirling with images of baseball cake chunks flying through the air with stadium lights and a custom baseball t-shirt. How could I make baseballs out of cake? How was I going to make it look like we were on a baseball field? Can I fake stadium lighting? So. Many. Questions.

I called the St Anthony Village Community Center and asked if I could rent a baseball diamond for a night and if the lights could be left on. Check. I used a half dome mold to make white chocolate spheres and stuffed them with cake pop mixture. Then glued them together and decorated them with baseball stitching icing. SO CUTE.

How It Went Down

I packed all my stuff up—strobe lighting, tripod, camera, lenses, baseball bat, baseball cakes, extra cakes for target practice—and we headed up to the field. There was some speculation on the way that Jay might not be able to hit all the baseballs. Why didn’t anyone tell me that before?! I would have made more cakes!

It turned out not to be a problem and also one of the more fun cake smashes I’ve ever done. Cake crumbs everywhere and more than a little frosting in several people’s hair, but worth it! My favorite are the series of biting into what is most certainly a baseball but NO, it’s a cake!

Also, peep the “Rookie Card” I made as a poster for his room. Adorable.