Baby Pictures in the Studio

Having a studio for baby pictures is so great because the reality of living in Minnesota is that we can’t do everything outside year-round. Newborns are almost always done in the studio, it’s easier to control the light, the temperature, the noise. Everything that makes a little baby happy. And I love a sitter session outdoors. Natural exploration is so great for kids and especially little ones who can’t move around quite as much. They can still take in all the colors and textures and smells.

Sometimes, however, you need a studio. Cake smashes, for instance, are best done in my studio. For one thing, the set up in labor intensive and I don’t want to have to haul 20 lbs of props and balloon garlands to a park. And hope the balloons don’t pop on the grass and create an ecological disaster. Another, tiny thing, is that when babies are in an enclosed area close to balloons and cake, it’s less likely they’ll get distracted and not smash their cake. And that’s what we’re all here for, right? The smashing.

Twin Cake Smash in Studio

Man, oh man, these twins. Adorable? Yes. Sweet? Clearly. Focused on the task at hand? No so much. It certainly did not help that the brother could walk and was much more interested in showing off his skills than he was in eating his cake. Shocking, I know. But, boy did they show me their little personalities!

I was lucky enough to get at least one image of them both looking at me, but it was hard fought for! To be fair, most of baby photography is just capturing babies being themselves in beautiful lighting and in coordinated outfits—another benefit of studio availability and a client closet.

Mom definitely has her hands full with these two! I had a blast with them for the hour we spent together, making messes and eyeing each other suspiciously and I can’t wait to see them grow into themselves!