Evoking Memories

One of the things I love most about newborn photography is the ability of a single image to evoke deep memories of the first few weeks with your little one. Of course the point of professional photography is to create art from memories, and with newborn photography little things can make you remember how you spent those first precious days. If baby is born around a holiday, I’m probably going to try to talk you into incorporating that somehow. My personal favorites to include are Halloween and Christmas, but other fun ones are Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July. My son was born on September 1st, so all my memories of being very pregnant are of floating in a pool and laying like a beached whale by a lake. If I had done a maternity session, I probably would have wanted to commemorate that somehow, and now when we do family photos it’s always during the summer because it feels like that’s when our family started.

The First Few Days

Think about the first family event you took your new family member to—maybe it was Thanksgiving, a fireworks display, or trick or treating with their older sibling. I want you to remember those little tidbits when you see their photos every day, so if bub’s birthday is October 13th, guess what their session theme is going to be? Definitely not bright pink florals and butter yellow! Also, there’s just something fun about dressing up a little baby like Santa or a tiny grim reaper. It’s adorable. I don’t make the rules.

My Favorite Theme Shots

Here are some of my favorite holiday themed images! I’ve always loved a theme—especially theme parties—so naturally I’m pumped whenever parents ask for a specific theme. I guess they’re not always holiday themes either, one mom asked for her daughter’s newborn session to have a flamingo theme as that was how she decorated her nursery. I think you’ll be able to tell which ones those are. My favorite ever has been the Christmas Story themed set I did for a friend. I grew up watching A Christmas Story with my uncle every Christmas on repeat when it ran for 24 hours on TBS, so definitely did not need to buy any leg lamp accessories—I had plenty. I think sometimes people shy away from a theme because it feels trendy, but if you pick a theme that’s more meaningful to you and your family, it’s never going to go out of style! Let me make your newborn portraits extra special by including the things you loved before the love of your life arrived.