Preparing for Your Maternity Session

Finally, the day is here! You’ve spent weeks, maybe even months, waiting for your maternity session day and now it’s arrived! You might be nervous, excited, definitely exhausted… but preparing for you maternity session can help with all those feelings! When you book your maternity photography session with me, you’ll receive a prep guide in your booking email, but just in case it gets lost in the shuffle here’s a helpful reminder.

The Night Before

Setting up for a successful session starts the night before. First thing’s first: take a bath. Or a nice long shower. Whatever relaxes you. I want all the tension drained from your baby growing muscles so all that’s left is excitement for your big day. Exfoliate, do a face mask, slap some cucumbers on your eyes—make yourself a little spa experience in your own bathroom. Maternity sessions are all about celebrating the body that’s growing you a tiny wee miracle, so take a moment to pamper that body!

Next, have a nice meal. Order your favorite take out or have you partner cook for you, but be careful not to overload on anything that might give you heartburn or any discomfort. That usually means no spicy foods, nothing extra rich, or maybe staying away from dairy. Also, leave the dishes for someone else. You deserve at least that much.

Session Day

The morning of your session, have a light breakfast or lunch, and try not to do too much if you can help it. It seems silly but standing around and having your picture taken is exhausting! Besides which, your head is probably swirling with all the things you need to do before baby comes. Your nesting impulses are starting to kick in, so before the madness really sets in, take a day and just exist without doing. Then put on your finest nude colored undergarments and hit the road!

When you arrive at the studio, I’ll be ready for you! Snacks, sparkling water, hype music—everything you need will be here so no need to worry about forgetting anything at home! Hair and makeup will take about an hour and then the magic begins. You’ll change into your first gown at the studio and we’ll either get to work in the studio or head to your location. Pose, pose, pose… click, click, click… and just like THAT you’re done. Wasn’t that fun? Didn’t you feel glamorous? Excellent!

What Comes Next

A couple weeks after your session you’ll return to the studio for your reveal and ordering appointment! We’ll work together to choose which of your favorite images to turn into wall art and create the rest of your collection. Easy peasy!

Now that your maternity session is done, it’s time to think about baby! Check out my friend Vanessa’s post about how to prepare for your new little one, then head over to Shutter Surprise to see how to pack your hospital bag!