Preparing for Maternity Photography

Preparing for you maternity photography session can be a daunting challenge. Maybe you’re not feeling totally comfortable in your new body, maybe you don’t want to just blindly order something off the internet and hope that you choose the right size. Or maybe you just have no idea what you want.

Well, you’re in luck! I’m here to help every step of the way. I have a closet full of maternity gowns for you to choose from—and if you don’t see one you like, I have an amazing source for maternity gowns that fit sizes 2-18. Chicaboo Maternity gowns not only fit a wide range of sizes but also are endlessly customizable with different sleeve lengths and styles. That’s one of the reasons I ask that you book your maternity session a bit in advance, so I have time to order gowns for you, should you request something I don’t already own.

Choosing the Right Gown for You

The purpose of most maternity gowns is to show off your growing baby bump, but in the most flattering way. Most, but not all, of Chicaboo’s maternity gowns are very form fitting but they also have some flowy skirts and gowns that offer conversion to both. There are tulle gowns, velvet gowns, jersey gowns, even some boho gowns with mix and match tops and skirts. The possibilities are endless!

I find the first and easiest thing to consider is color. What color do you feel best in? What color brings out your eyes? I like to use two different shades, if not colors, to give your session a little variety. I’ve found that everyone looks gorgeous in dark teal and dark green! Teal is great in the spring and summer to make you really stand out against the seasonal florals and greens and reds are great options for fall and winter against the stark landscape.

Next, you want to think about what you want to show off and what, if anything, you want to hide. I personally think every single last pregnant woman looks great in a mermaid silhouette, but if that’s not your style or your comfort level, then a flowy gown will still be able to highlight your bump without clinging to any less flattering areas. From there, just follow your heart! Pick the gown that makes you say, “Wow!” or the one that makes you gasp! Trust me when I say It’s all in the posing. You’ll look stunning in any gown you choose, so choose one that makes your heart flutter.