They Won’t Stop Growing

Listen, here’s the thing about babies: they refuse to stop growing. Every once in a while I ask my son to stop and he just won’t. It’s wildly inconsiderate. Where did my baby go? That’s why I love first year packages. My Grow With Me package includes newborn, milestone, cake smash, and one free session that can be either a maternity, family, or another milestone. This is my favorite package because I also get to see how fast your little one grows. I get so attached to the babies I photograph as newborns, and I’m really quite sad when I don’t ever get to see them again. Watching babies grow and progress has got to be in the Top 5 best reasons babies are neat. I love it when they learn things, I love it when you can see them thinking about things, and I love it when they start communicating. Babies are the best, aren’t they?

Milestone Sessions

Milestones are the most fun of any session. It’s basically playing with a baby and taking photographs in between. The milestones I prefer to shoot are holding up their little heads during tummy time and sitting up unassisted, but when they find their toes is also a fun one! I always tell parents they’ll be surprised how much their little one has changed since their newborn session, even just two weeks later at their ordering appointment, but I don’t talk a lot about how much they change over the first year. It seems ridiculous that a newborn could progress into a one year old in the span of 12 months. It’s like they double in size every 2 months!

Cake Smash

My favorite thing ever is comparing newborn sessions to cake smash sessions. It’s always mind blowing that something that small could become so big in such a short amount of time. If you’ve ever looked at a baby’s growth curve at the doctor’s office, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That steep curve sharply rising seems like an impossible amount of growth for a human, but there it is. They change so fast, but unless you’re paying attention it really creeps up on you. One day they’re your baby and then all of a sudden you notice their feet aren’t puffy and squishy anymore and they can ask for fruit gummies. It’s wild!

Document the Change

I’m so lucky that I can take beautiful images of my son and nephews whenever I realize they’re growing up too fast, but since not everyone has a studio downstairs I’m happy to offer packages to document baby’s first year. I love getting to see how they grow. I love it when they start to recognize me after their second or third session. I love watching them interact with you as they develop. It’s such an honor to capture the first few moments of a baby’s life and no less an honor to capture their first taste of cake! I love all the moments I get to capture for my clients and am always thankful to be included in their lives!