It’s About the Kids Anyway

I love taking pictures of kids. First of all, they’re way less concerned with looking a certain way than adults are. They’re free from the burden of societal expectations and that’s awesome. And if they are concerned with how they look, it’s because they want to make the weirdest face they can at me. Which is great, I live for that. So during your family session, regardless of whether you have 1 kid or 15 kids, a lot of your gallery is going to be just the kids. They’re the stars of the show anyway; let’s not pretend otherwise.

Sibling Bonds

There’s something about capturing a moment between sisters that feels like I’m in on the secret. Catching a look between brothers is basically like planning a heist. I love being in that moment with them. I grew up an only child so I don’t know what it’s like to have a sibling. I was raised in the same house as my older cousin, but we were 9 and 13 by then and had already kind of developed separately so we never really got to that sibling bond. We didn’t get to gang up on our parents and get in trouble together. That’s a special bond and it deserves to be documented. Sibling shots are always my favorite—sometimes I even get a fur sibling photo and that’s great too. Nothing like the bond between a baby and her pup!

Let’s Get Weird

The freedom they have to just be themselves is contagious, plus you have permission to be silly and weird. My mom always says that the best thing about kids is that you get to play, and I take full advantage of that during family sessions. Let’s play tag, let’s run around, let’s see how can fart the loudest—literally whatever gets me those big toothy grins, I’m gonna do it. My only goal during any session is to get amazing, memorable images for you and has absolutely nothing to do with how ridiculous I look getting them. I’ve made my peace with that, so let’s get weird together.