Every photographer has their favorite poses and props. Personally, I love a boho basket and anything raffia. It’s hard for me to say no to anything that looks vaguely macrame. These are a few of my favorite props in my collection!

My husband made me this little birch bed in December and I’m straight up obsessed with it. I show it to everyone and I try to sneak it into every session. Its so cute as a tiny bed for newborns and the sweetest little winter-y bench for sitters!

If it’s got raffia on it, I’m in. Especially if there’s a woven pattern. I love the way raffia looks from above, like it’s been hand wrapped. It’s one of my favorite ways to bring texture to a boy’s newborn set.

This little white woven basket is so simply feminine and versatile. I love how it looks from all angles! White is notoriously hard to color balance, but the slightly off white shade of this white is perfect on everything.