If you’ve never had a newborn before, chances are you’re not really sure how a newborn session is going to go. Let me walk you through my workflow, so you have a rough idea before your session rolls around! As always, baby is in charge so I can be flexible with posing and workflow, but this is how a typical session goes…

First of all, I like to schedule newborn sessions between 5-20 days because at that age, most newborns are still sleeping A LOT and I love a sleepy baby. I love an eyes open image here and there but sessions go more smoothly when the tiny one is sleeping. On the off chance that introducing your newborn to probably one of the first new environments of its short little life is a little stimulating and makes them want to be awake, I start with wrapping. Most babies like to be swaddled, as it reminds them of the womb and its warm and toasty. So first up, wrap that baby like a little potato with a head and put them in a basket!

Next up, I like to partially unwrap. That generally means another prop, but with their little arms out on the edge of a basket, or holding a little lovey. This helps them ease into the transition of being naked or in an outfit on a fabric drop. 

Last up, fabric drops and (mostly) naked posing. This is where the squishy poses come from and you get to see their little belly rolls and cankles. Some babies really don’t like to be naked and much prefer to be wrapped up tight as a drum, and that’s fine, I also prefer to be swaddled, so we work with what baby wants. I do keep the room a balmy 85° so bubs isn’t remotely chilled when naked.

Finally, parent and siblings jump in the mix and we’re all done! Your entire session will last between 2-3 hours, depending on how baby does with posing, but rest assured you will have a full gallery regardless. Baby might be in charge, but I’m stubborn!