Folio Mat Prints

My product spotlight this week is my absolute favorite: the folio box. My folio boxes are window frame boxes filled with 5×7 prints matted to 8×10. I like to think of them as a deconstructed album. My first love is albums, I love perusing a book of cherished images, but folio mats can function just as an album, or be displayed a different way. These collections are so great because they’re endlessly versatile. I keep most of my family photos in this box and it doubles as storage and display—I just swap out the top photo every once in a while. Sometimes to match the season, sometimes just because I miss seeing a certain photo every day.

The Perfect Gift

Folio mats also make great gifts for holidays, grandparents, whoever! Since they’re matted to a standard size they’re easy to frame and have instant wall or tabletop art. I always struggled with gift giving, but now that I have essentially endless photos of my son and our family, it’s easy as. Every year everyone gets a framed photograph and no one is ever not ecstatic. Whose grandparents don’t want a million pictures of their grandchildren, no matter how many they have?

Versatility and Beauty

Since folio collections start at 8 images, they make the perfect start for a gallery wall. Frame them in the same size frame or with a double mat, either way you have a stunning centerpiece for that empty wall. Folio boxes also come with an acrylic or wood stand to display mats one at a time, in addition to in the folio box. The simple elegance of a single folio mat in a sleek acrylic block is the perfect addition to a fireplace mantle or curated book shelf. These collections are by far my most popular product because they’re beautiful, luxurious, and so versatile. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see and feel all the products I offer during your session!

My friend Shanthi has a great blog about the importance of printing images so check it out!