Creating a Custom Newborn Experience

Creating a newborn session that tugs at your heartstrings is my specialty. It’s the whole reason we’re here, isn’t it? Part of that is understanding your lifestyle and how you like to spend your time. For instance, if you’re avid hikers and plan to spend most of your newborn’s first few months trekking around the mountains, I’m probably not going to dress her up like a little princess for her newborn session (unless you ask me to). More likely, I’m going to give her a wee pom pom hat and a woodland creature to snuggle. Your newborn’s portraits should be a reflection of them and evoke your memories of their infanthood.

Incorporating Memories

Sometimes what is most meaningful to your family is its history, which is also a lovely thing to add significance to your newborn session. I recently did a friend’s newborn portraits who has had a truly tragic life. I really don’t know how she keeps her spirit as high as she does with all the loved ones she’s lost. She mentioned very early on in her pregnancy that her family uses hummingbirds to remember her sister who passed away a few years before her first son was born. I clung to that little detail so I could surprise her with a felted hummingbird for her daughter’s newborn session that she was absolutely thrilled with. It turned out her new daughter’s nursey had a 3D wall installation of hummingbirds and she was so excited to give her mom a print of that image.

Honoring Your Fandom

Another aspect of clients’ lives I love including in their newborn’s portraits is their fandom. I consider myself to be quite nerdy and my son is named after one of my favorite West Wing characters, so I get it and I’m here for it. I use a Grogu doll as a baby stand in when I’m planning sets for crying out loud. So if you spend your weekends binging Star Wars and going to Harry Potter conventions, I want to know about that! By far my favorite instance so far has been the Harry Potter house sorting cake smash; challenging and also so fun to watch a one year old choose his dad’s house—after very careful consideration, I might add. And what are the chances you’re going to grow out of the fandom you’ve been whole heartedly committed to since you were 6 years old? Yeah, not very likely. Also, how fun would it be to show your kid a photo of her dressed up like a teeny tiny princess Leia while she’s making her own Rey costume for Halloween when she’s 9? SO FUN. My friend Leslie did a super cute Superman cake smash you should check out too!

Let Me Surprise You

Part of why I ask so many questions about what you like to do and how you spend your free time is so I can gather little nuggets of trivia about you and your family to surprise you with at your newborn session. There’s nothing like seeing the face of a parent when they walk in and see a tiny Yoda bonnet or a little bed piled high with different blankets because mom mentioned that her favorite fairy tale is The Princess and The Pea. It’s a feeling second only to seeing your newborn portraits for the first time. So when we’re planning your session, don’t hesitate to tell me about yourself. The weird things, the funny things, the things that are most special to you so I can create a one of a kind session and experience for you.

My friend Alicia has a great post about why this is so important for family session as well! Check it out here!