Holiday Portrait Sessions

The holiday season is my favorite time of year—second to Halloween, of course! I love a good seasonal photoshoot, always, but something about the magic of the holidays makes it extra special. In my everlasting quest to be more inclusive in all aspects of my life, I attempt to make holiday portraits a little less about Christmas, and a little more about twinkles and magic! Don’t get me wrong, red and green are a great combination and very Christmas-y, but since not everyone celebrates Christmas everywhere I like to offer alternative color schemes as well.

Celebrate the Season

One of my favorite sessions I ever did was one from last year for my son and nephews. It’s on this gorgeous, colorful backdrop with faux snow all around them. I dressed the boys in cozy, white sweaters and jeans and gave them glitter to throw around. Messy? Absolutely. Precious? Most definitely. Do you have to throw snow around in your annual holiday portraits? Of course not. Should you? Yes, it’s fun and you’re not responsible for the mess.

Cozy Christmas Vibes

Another fun theme that made a rounds in the photographer world a couple years ago was a simple evergreen background with everyone in Christmas pajamas. Again, I gave the kids glitter to throw around. They get better at it every year! I love this theme because it’s simple and really lets you focus on the joy and not be distracted by an overly complicated background. Look at that face!

Tree Farm Mini Sessions

This year I’ll be doing tree farm mini sessions at Hansen Christmas Tree Farm. I’m really hoping for a little snowfall, but since it will be mid November, I’m not going to say that out loud! Tree farm minis are great because you can make them as Christmas-y as you like, or simply let them be Winter portraits in a beautiful seasonal setting.

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