Let me start by saying I don’t recommend this kind of photoshoot at home. Definitely pay someone to do the heavy lifting (literally) and the clean up. The damage on this set was three absolutely soaked through towels stained brown, a wet angry baby, and little wet spots throughout my studio I’m still finding days later. But man oh man was it worth every second because LOOK at this little boy. Logan was a little suspicious at first, but after he figured out I was going to let him touch stuff, he was fine, and then when he figured out what giant marshmallows were he was happy as a clam! See the progression of trust for yourself below. Who’s this lady… marshmallows?…MARSHMALLOOOOWS!

Seriously, though, look at his big brown eyes. I’m a sucker for giant baby eyes, especially dark ones. And his peach fuzz hair! Ugh, what a cutie. Obviously all babies are cute, but I think Logan is especially cute. He and his mom were just a joy to work with and I hope they keep coming back! It’s always nice when it feels like you’re shooting for a friend, instead of a client. That’s the way all sessions should be!

In conclusion, leave the fake hot chocolate mess to the professionals. And also, bring me more babies to put in hot chocolate. That is all.