Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Newborn Photography Session

There are so many reasons to book a professional newborn photographer for you newborn photography experience—the pampering, the memories, the resulting artwork—but most of all SAFETY. I am trained specifically in how to handle your little miracle safely and comfortably. Anyone can say they’re a newborn photographer and charge you for it, but at Dreadon Studios you’ll find a fellow mom who is downright paranoid about posing babies with the care and attention they deserve.

Remember when they first arrived and that labor and delivery nurse seems to just throw them around like they’re not the single most important thing in your entire world? Yeah, me too. With that deeply ingrained in mind, I spend most of my time in your session just making sure baby is comfortable and content. Squishy blankets, soft props, a tiny heater, something to suck on. The absolute most important thing to me is that you feel confident in my ability to keep your baby safe.

The other great thing about professional newborn photographers is that I have everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, that you could possibly need or want for your session. I have a complete client closet full of things for moms to wear. Professional hair and makeup services are arranged for the day of. I have an overflowing closet of props. In the studio, I have blankets upon layers upon pillows upon fabric to pose baby on. I even have a nursing suite with a fully stocked changing table, coffee machine, and beer fridge. You will want for nothing.

The Professional Newborn Photography Experience

Your session starts months before your little one even arrives. We’ll discuss themes, colors, and even lifestyle so that I can craft a session that will fit seamlessly into your home. Baby’s nursery theme is flamingos? I’ll make you a felted flamingo. Big Twins fan? Tiny newborn baseball hat. Dad’s really into hunting? Tiny deer romper. The only thing I love more than cuddling babies professionally, is crafting professionally. If you can dream it, I can make it.

The day of your session you’ll arrive with a sleepy baby, courtesy of my extensive newborn session prep guide, and hand the little one to me while mom gets glammed up and dad snoozes on the sofa. Or vice versa, I’m not picky. We’ll do some set-ups of baby only, siblings if needed, and then family shots. If bubs needs a snack, we’ll break for feeding, and then get right back to it!

The Reveal

No more than two weeks following your relaxing session, you’ll return to the studio to see your images in real life. Your entire gallery will be printed and displayed on my Reveal Wall for you to feel the full effect of your beautiful newborn artwork. We’ll talk products and packages and get your wall art ordered but the best part—you get to take your images from the reveal wall home that day! Lovingly packaged in a window box ready to be displayed in your home.

I can’t wait to work with your gorgeous family and create memories to cherish for a lifetime!